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Tanning Preparation:

Preparation before spray tanning is very important. It can effects to your tan results. These are some important tips to prepare your spray tanning.

Before Tanning Tips

Waxing, pedicures and facials should be done at least one day prior to your tanning session.
Shave and shower either the night before or just before the tanning session. Wash with an exfoliant or we can arrange for a pre-tan exfoliation at the spa as this will best prepare your skin for the tanning solution.

No makeup, perfumes or lotions. These can greatly impact the outcome of the tan by affecting the absorption of
DHA, resulting in streaking and minimal color
Deodorants should also be avoided as they will cause a green color that is very difficult to remove.

Tanning solution stains fabrics. Bring along dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip flops or sandals to wear after the session.

Wait at least 5 hours to wear tight clothing, as it has been known to rub the tan completely off in high-contact areas if worn quickly after the tanning session.

Aftercare Tanning Tips

Tanning solution stains, so do not sit directly on leather or fabric seats or furniture. Sit on a towel or other piece of cloth instead. It is recommended to bring a towel to the session, but many salons or tanning businesses can provide one as well.

Avoid sweating and perspiring, and be careful when washing hands until the first shower as excess water during the DHA reaction with the skin can cause the tan to streak.

Do not exercise until after the first shower following the session. Excessive perspiration can drastically affect the outcome of the tanning process and the ending results of the tan.

Shower in 8-12 hours, or the time directed by the sunless solution, using a body wash or shower gel as these contain less alkaline than bar soaps. If the solution contained a bronzer, it is normal to see the surface color wash off during the first shower after the session. This is nothing to worry about as the DHA reaction with the skin will continue without the cosmetic bronzer.

The texture of a washcloth can be in itself an exfoliant, so when showering, use a hand or loofah instead.

Avoid exfoliating skin and hair removal products.

Moisturize twice a day with alcohol-free lotion. Hydrated skin will slow down the process of natural skin exfoliation and the tan will last longer. Alcohol-based products are drying to the skin and can cause the tan to fade quicker and less evenly.

Soaking in a bath or long periods in a pool can accelerate exfoliating and fade a tan. It is best to avoid both whenever possible.

When swimming or hot tubbing, use a waterproof sunscreen to help seal the tan into the skin and slow down fading.

The use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as those found in some cosmetics or anti-aging products, will increase exfoliating and accelerate a tan's fading process.