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As a multi-dimensional St. Augustine, FL Massage practice, Carepeutic Touch provides a variety of services ranging from Massage Therapy, Organic Body Treatments, Energy Healing Work, and many more. We blend Eastern and Western modalities to achieve the best results for our guests.

Carepeutic Touch focuses on the highly trained and professional staff, an eco-friendly, environmentally sensitive setting and a unique blend of relaxation, beauty and wellness services and products. Carepeutic Touch weaves together an integrative approach to health-related services creating a relaxing retreat; a modern spa with all of the comforts of home. Our therapists cater to everyone from the casual spa-goer to the person looking to make profound lifestyle changes.

The "Carepeutic Touch Boutique" displays a beautiful variety of products ranging from  organic skin care, bath and body products, relaxation essentials such as custom robes, and soy candles.

Carepeutic Touch offers an exceptional line of exclusive Massage and Spa services and products, a friendly and professional staff, and a high level of personalized care that is its signature. Come relax with us today because you're worth it!


Some of the more popular services we offer:

We also offer spray tanning services.



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